Stump Grinding Brisbane Southside
R.J&K Enterprises is your number one choice for stump removal and stump grinding in the Brisbane Southside. One problem faced by many homeowners is that trees are much easier to remove than the actual stumps they grew from! So, whether it be an old unsightly stump on display or the leftovers from a tree removal, the R.J&K team is here to help with our stump grinding services!
The Best Stump Grinding on the Brisbane Southside!
Many people overlook stump removal as its one of the last few steps of the tree removal process or sometimes others may not be bothered by the remainder of a stump at all!
In some cases, stump removal may be necessary for precaution as they can present a tripping hazard and can also attract pests to your property. Particularly if the stump is close to your home, it’s best to keep pests and termites as far away as possible!
To make sure your property is kept safe and in the best hands, trust no other than the team at R.J&K!We have been providing our services to local properties for over 25 years and have seen it all when it comes to tree removal and stump grinding in the Brisbane Southside region.
To maximise all of your available space and ensure your property receives only the best stump grinding service, leave it up to our specialists!
State of The Art Equipment
At R.J&K, our professional team can get rid of the most difficult tree stumps with ease. We use high-quality stump grinding equipment, and our experts are not short of both skill and experience. We also take pride in delivering the very best service every time.

That means visiting your home for an on-site inspection, where we can discuss your options about existing stumps on your property and point you in the right direction with what to do next.

If the stump is a result of our tree removal service, we’ll recommend stump grinding and removal in addition, but removal isn’t always mandatory and some choose to keep the stump instead.
Professional Stump Grinding Services
In the case that full stump removal isn’t possible, we’ll advise stump grinding as the best option, and with our trusty equipment, R.J&K always do it right!Stump grinding can be less invasive than complete removal, but no matter the service R.J&K can take care of both!
Leave it to the Professionals
Tree stumps in your yard can be a hassle. It can be even more problematic if you’re trying to remove them yourself. Rather than do the back-breaking work yourself, call the qualified arborists at R.J&K for the best stump grinding of the Brisbane Southside!

We’ve got the tools and machinery to get rid of your tree stumps quickly and professionally and our team always aim to cause as little disruption to surrounding areas as possible.

Our experts are qualified, experienced, and reliable. We turn up when we say, and we’ll get the job done with no fuss.

We put our customers at the centre of everything we do, so you can always feel safe that you’re getting the best advice possible when dealing with our specialists!Call us today for an obligation-free quote and let us get rid of those tree stumps for good!
  • quality
    Providing the highest quality service is our mission. We genuinely care about our clients and do our very best to complete every service to your satisfaction.
  • Affordability
    While certain tree services can get costly in some cases, we ensure to make our services as affordable as possible for our clients.
  • Safety
    Safety is the most important thing when its comes to tree services. All of our team members are highly qualified and fully licensed.
Call us today and our arborist in Brisbane Southside will be happy to provide you with an obligation-free quote and give you comprehensive and professional advice. With our extensive experience, we can happily guarantee your satisfaction.
Such a lovely team! Highly recommend to anyone who needs any tree services done!

I have had a stump in my backyard for a little while now (bought the property like this) and finally decided to get rid of it and instead plant some new trees. Contacting R.J&K was the best idea ever as they got rid of the annoying stump and also gave me professional advice about which trees would be perfect for my garden. Did not know that there was so many differences! Thank you!! Can't wait to see them all grow!
A very professional crew who could clearly stand out from the rest. They will certainly beat any quote you've got.

I got their service couple of days ago to remove a very tall gum tree behind my house. The tree was pretty close to the house and no machinery could access to the tree due to limited space between house and fence. I was very impressed with the way they completed the job of removing the tree without any damage to my property. They cleaned the yard as it was before and did the stump grinding with a small portable machine which could get through the available space.

Highly recommended.
Not only was the team from R.J&K very professional, they were also really friendly and answered all of questions.

I was hesitating for a while to contact a tree lopping service as I heard it is really expensive and also a bit dangerous. As I have a tree right next to my house that wouldn't stop growing I finally decided to contact R.J&K Enterprises. I was really a bit worried, that they would damage my house but in fact they got the job done super professionally and managed to keep everyone safe, including themselves. It was quick, affordable, and clean, very impressed!
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