Here at R.J&K Enterprises, we pride ourselves on being your local professionals for tree removals in Shailer Park and the Brisbane region. There are plenty of reasons you may need trees or stumps removed from your property, and we’re the experts you can call.

Specialising in all aspects of tree removal and management, you can always count on the team at R.J&K Enterprises.

We offer a full range of services at R.J&K, from complete tree and stump removals to tree planting. No matter what type of tree management is needed, we’ve got the skills and experience you can rely on.
Tree Removal Shailer Park
Complete tree removal is often required, either due to a safety issue or simply because it’s in the way. You may want more usable space around your home, or the trees on your property may be old and at risk of falling.

When it gets to the point that trimming and pruning are no longer appropriate, you can count on our professional tree removal services to get the job done!
Tree Pruning
Having trees around your home is great for privacy, shade and can also add value to your property. Although if left unsupervised for a period of time, they can get a little out of hand, and that’s where the R.J&K team comes in!

Whether your trees are interfering with power lines, blocking light from your home, or are proving to be more of an inconvenience, our tree pruning service can give your trees the makeover they need.
Stump removal
You may notice many Brisbane Southside properties have previously had trees removed from the eyesore of a stump that is leftover.

Not only are tree stumps not aesthetically pleasing, but they can create other problems. They’re easy to trip on, they attract pests like termites and cockroaches, and they can ruin any gardening plans you may have for that space.

So, rather than let those old tree stumps cause a nuisance in your garden, give us a call and we’ll remove them promptly and properly!
Arborist Services
We offer a full range of arborist services and tree removal in Shailer Park and surrounding suburbs. Our qualified professionals can help with all aspects of tree management, whether it’s managing diseased trees or even planting new ones, we’ve got the expertise to help.
Keeping Your Home Safe
Trees are a beautiful part of the Australian landscape, and we love having them around our homes. With aging trees degrading overtime and coming to the end of their lifespan, comes the risk they pose to all of their surroundings.

Falling trees or decaying branches can cause significant damage to vehicles, homes, and in the worst case, people.

If you’ve got old or dying trees on your property, it’s safest to take precautions and have them removed professionally and efficiently. With over 25 years of experience, trust no other than the team at R.J&K to take care of the risk and provide proficient tree services to you!
The Highest Service Standards
Here at R.J&K, we take our job seriously. We offer a premium tree management service to all of our customers and pride ourselves on completing every job to your satisfaction. We don’t stop there though.

We also consult thoroughly with you to understand your needs and provide appropriate options. If you need advice, we offer an obligation-free quote and we get there fast.

Aside from our professionalism and quality of work, it’s our customer service that sets us apart from the rest. Promising honest advice and a dedicated team committed to solving your tree problems, call R.J&K Enterprises today for the best tree removal in Shailer Park and the Brisbane area!
  • quality
    Providing the highest quality service is our mission. We genuinely care about our clients and do our very best to complete every service to your satisfaction.
  • Affordability
    While certain tree services can get costly in some cases, we ensure to make our services as affordable as possible for our clients.
  • Safety
    Safety is the most important thing when its comes to tree services. All of our team members are highly qualified and fully licensed.
Call us today and our arborist in Brisbane Southside will be happy to provide you with an obligation-free quote and give you comprehensive and professional advice. With our extensive experience, we can happily guarantee your satisfaction.
Such a lovely team! Highly recommend to anyone who needs any tree services done!

I have had a stump in my backyard for a little while now (bought the property like this) and finally decided to get rid of it and instead plant some new trees. Contacting R.J&K was the best idea ever as they got rid of the annoying stump and also gave me professional advice about which trees would be perfect for my garden. Did not know that there was so many differences! Thank you!! Can't wait to see them all grow!
A very professional crew who could clearly stand out from the rest. They will certainly beat any quote you've got.

I got their service couple of days ago to remove a very tall gum tree behind my house. The tree was pretty close to the house and no machinery could access to the tree due to limited space between house and fence. I was very impressed with the way they completed the job of removing the tree without any damage to my property. They cleaned the yard as it was before and did the stump grinding with a small portable machine which could get through the available space.

Highly recommended.
Not only was the team from R.J&K very professional, they were also really friendly and answered all of questions.

I was hesitating for a while to contact a tree lopping service as I heard it is really expensive and also a bit dangerous. As I have a tree right next to my house that wouldn't stop growing I finally decided to contact R.J&K Enterprises. I was really a bit worried, that they would damage my house but in fact they got the job done super professionally and managed to keep everyone safe, including themselves. It was quick, affordable, and clean, very impressed!
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